The Pender Building,
condo association news

2017 Annual Association Meeting:  The annual Association meeting was held on January 17, 2017. The new owner of Unit 31 was an active participant. We appreciate the owners who couldn't attend, but provided proxies to enable the meeting to proceed. Discussion topics included the upcoming work on the Granby street side of the building. Attendees also voted to adopt IRS Ruling 70-604. The draft minutes from the meeting will be posted on the 'minutes' page of this site, as well as the draft minutes from the short Board of Directors meeting that followed the Association Meeting. 

2017 Budget: The Board of Directors has approved the Pender budget for 2017. The new budget will be available soon on the "Association Info" page.

Recycling has Arrived: The City of Norfolk is providing single-stream recycling service at no additional fee. The Pender residents have two blue recycling bins. Paper, plastic containers, and glass can be co-mingled in these containers. However, do not include plastic bags or styrofoam. These gum up the recycling machines. Residents should put material for recycling into paper bags or just dump it loose into the carts.

New Roof Overlay Completed: A new roof overlay membrane was installed on the Pender Building in 2014. The work was completed by National Roofing and included adding protective surfaces beside the HVAC roof units. The membrane is thicker than the previous membrane and the overlay is thermally bonded. The installation is essentially the same as the overlay done on the roof parapet 2 years ago.

Building Insurance Certificate:  Unit owners should go to the "Documents & Forms" page for information on how to obtain this certificate.

A Few Things to Keep In Mind:

  • Elevator pads are located behind the 3rd floor roof access door.  Please use them when moving any bulky or heavy items, and return them to storage when you are finished.
  • We have had problems with the roof membrane.  Only authorized maintenance workers should be on the roof or the fire escape.
  • The Association requires that contractors working in common areas must have appropriate insurance.  Similarly, unit owners should verify that any contractors they employ have insurance if any work must be conducted in a common area - such as work on HVAC equipment on the roof.
  • The Association contracts for cleaning the common areas on a semi-monthly basis.  Please help keep the common areas clean and pickup after yourself.
  • Residents can have pets subject to the limitations identified in the Rules & Regulations.  But in all cases residents must complete a pet registration form and send it to our Hutcheson Building Manager.